Maple Sap is running again

Despite what the calendar says, the Maple Sap is running. And when the sap is running we will collect it.

 We have had a great start to the 2017 Maple Syrup Season. Thanks to the weather forecasters alerting us of the early warm spell, we were able to get in the bush and get the tapping completed before the Maple Sap started running. 

Shortly after we finished tapping the weather warmed up to the -3 C to +5 C range and the sap started running. We had several good runs and were able to make some beautiful Light Maple Syrup.

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 The last few days it warmed up even more, and hasn’t frozen for a few days now, so the sap run is beginning to slow. However it looks like we have some freeze/ thaw cycles coming up in the near future, which should start the sap running again. Until then we will be hard at work making sure that everything is working properly and in tip top shape for when the sap starts to run again.

Maple Sap

Drudge’s Granular Maple Sugar

Use Granular Maple Sugar instead of Maple Syrup in recipes

Maple Syrup is a great sweetener. It has uses which go far beyond the traditional “Pancakes & Maple Syrup”. Maple Syrup can be used as the primary sweetener in all manor of recipes, from baking to vegetables, to meat. But the problem with this, for bakers in particular, is that you have to be careful about adding extra liquid to a recipe because it changes the entire composition and structure. So what’s a good solution if you want to add a deep, dark sweetener like maple syrup? Pick up a bag of Granular Maple Sugar!

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Granular Maple Sugar

Granulated Maple Sugar

It has all the health benefits of Pure Maple Syrup, but it is in dry granulated form! It is the perfect substitute  for cane sugar in any recipe

How Granular Maple Sugar is made

Granular Maple Sugar is made by boiling almost all of the water out of Maple Syrup and letting it crystallize. Granular Maple Sugar has no additives, it is made from 100% Pure Maple Syrup. It has all the health benefits of Pure Maple Syrup.

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 GranularMaple Sugar

Granular Maple Sugar Uses

Granular Maple Sugar can be used in recipes in the same way as cane sugar is used. It can be used to sweeten drinks, top oatmeal or incorporated into a flavorful rub for meats. When using Granulated Maple Sugar in baking, it acts just like regular granulated sugar and can be creamed with butter for cookies and cakes. It is sweeter than regular sugar, so when using it in a recipe that calls for regular sugar, you will want to reduce the amount of Granulated Maple Sugar slightly so that your finished product isn’t too sweet. You can reduce it by as much as half, but since you want the maple flavor to remain pronounced, it can be a good idea to use slightly more than half and adjust as you go.

Here is a few of my favorite uses for Granular Maple Sugar

Yogurt: Top Vanilla Yogurt with a sprinkling of Granular Maple Sugar for a delicious maple crunch taste.

Cinnamon Sugar: Mix Maple Sugar with cinnamon and sprinkle it on pretzels, toast, muffins, or anywhere else where you use cinnamon sugar.

Apple Deserts: The crunchy maple sweetness of Granular Maple Sugar goes great with an Apple Desert.Use in Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, or Apple Dumplings.

Maple Syrup Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas is fast approaching, and along with it the stress of buying Christmas gifts. Are you stumped what to get that family member? Are you tired of giving your customers Christmas Gift Baskets full of chocolate and cheese every year? Look no further than Drudge’s Maple Syrup Christmas gift baskets!

Baskets are available with any combination of 1 Litre, 500ml, 250ml jugs as well as Maple Spread and Maple Candies.

Contact us today and we will help you create your own customized Maple Syrup Gift Basket!

Christmas Gift Baskets

Premium Gift Box

Christmas Gift Baskets

Custom Designed Gift Basket

Christmas Gift Baskets

Regular Christmas Gift Box

Christmas Gift Baskets

Regular Christmas Gift Box

Visit our booth at Etobicoke Farmer’s Market

The summer Farmer’s Market is now open at Etobicoke City Hall on Saturdays from June till the last Saturday of October. If you are in the area please stop in and say Hi! Also you need to try some of our famous Apple Fritters!

Our Maple Syrup is made by our family and we market it straight to you, the consumer! The prices at the Farmer’s Market are…

4 L. $62

2 L. $35

1 L. $19

500 ml. $11

250 ml. $7

100 ml. $3

2016 Production Update

This winter we added almost 2400 more taps in 2 new bushes, which takes us up to 7600 taps in total. This is part of our long term production goals, and we are excited to have these two new systems up and running. We also updated each system to auto start when the sap starts to run. We also have a monitoring system for each setup so that we can remotely check the progress throughout the day to ensure everything is working properly.

This is a snapshot of one of the releaser jars

Site #3 Shack_2-24-2016_5-20-03.474 PM


We have the 2 new systems set up in an enclosed trailer

Site #3 Pole_2-24-2016_5-20-17.664 PM


Another one of the vacuum systems

Site #1 Shack_2-24-2016_5-20-28.117 PM